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4 Places in India To Keep In Your Travel Diar ....

There is hardly any second opinion when one decides to travel for leisure. While there are many destinations scattered across the world, it is re


Best Practices for Hotels to Follow/Implement ....

Hotels have begun revamping their existing service protocols and standards for guests following the COVID - 19 pandemic.


Best & Safest Places to Visit in India After ....

The year 2020 has not emerged out the way people welcomed it and expected. In fact, it comes with the most unforeseen times ever with the world s


How to Travel Safe in India After Corona (COV ....

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken all the travel plans to a standstill. This time we are even eating food after washing it thrice in soda water, is


Top 20 Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

Lifestyle in India's largest metropolitan, Mumbai, is exciting, amazing, and ever dynamic, however, there are times when noise and busy big city


30 Best Weekend Destinations from Delhi

The capital city Delhi is a wonderful mix of new, young, and old culture. On one hand, the city offers you its modern lifestyle and exhibits its

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