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Things You Did Not Know About Goa

Goa is famous for its beaches; Goa is the very small state in India in terms of area, or population. The population of Goa is huge contributor to the economy through Goa tourism. Panaji is the capital of Goa. Prominently called as the"Fun Capital" of India, Goa is everyone’s favourite with its sandy beaches, energetic nightlife and age old architecture. Here are facts about Goa that might amaze you!


Now apart from bars, Goa has abundance of forests too. Isn't it perfect? We always thought Goa is just about beaches but, the forests in Goa cover around 30% of the land and are widely colonized by tigers and elephants. The wildlife centuries here are protected ones by the country and contain more than 275 species of birds and more than 40 types of animals and reptiles. 


In terms of number of bars in a state, Goa has set the bar pretty high! Goa has more than 7000 licensed bars. If we include the number of bars which are unlicensed, we can very well imagine the count of bars here. So much so that Goa is also called the land of high spirits. Goa is a perfect party destination, and you find the best bars to grab a drink in Goa.

India’s first Medical School

India’s first medical school was established in Goa as the ‘The Goa Medical College’ in   18th century when the state was still under Portuguese rule. It is also one of the oldest medical colleges in Asia, including the library which has books dating back to the 18th century.

Naval Aviation Museum

The first and the only one in Asia, The Naval Aviation Museum at Goa showcase the rich history of Indian Naval Aviation. With only six other museums in the world, this museum houses some of the most unique machineries like the giant reconnaissance ship called Lockheed Super Constellation. Also on display is India’s first naval, aircraft, jet trainers, helicopters etc. Explore Naval Aviation Museum and get complete information including history of Indian Naval Aviation.

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Highest Per-Capita Income

Even if it is a tiny state, Goa gets over 2 million international and domestic tourists every year. Thus the people living in Goa are not any less financially. A national census recorded the average Go an income per annum as INR 192, 652. The amount is sufficient to have a comfortable existence in the state.

The body of St. Francis Xavier

Goa was ruled by the Portuguese in 1542. With his will to spread the gospel, he planned to introduce Christianity in China. He continued his journey with enthusiasm and later on died in Macau. His body was specially brought to Goa in 1553, where it was enshrined in a glass casing in Basilica of Bom Jesus church.

Two Official Languages of Goa

Goa is the only State in India with two official languages- Konkani and Marathi.

Followed by this, the people of the state often use Portuguese and are well versed with Hindi.

It’s just not about the crazy party or serene beaches. Go has a lot of history and culture behind it which the tourists should explore as well. 

Welcome to winter in Goa where yoga is best and the yield of spiritual activities grows progressively plentiful every year: sunrise yoga sessions on the beach, reiki mending courses, contemplation, and just about every other type of spiritual exploration, are all polished openly.

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