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The tradition of Gujarat's heritage includes outstanding architecture, temples, palaces and manors (a large number of which have been changed over into hotels), and handicrafts. The state additionally has some fascinating wildlife and many bird watching sites. It's beneficial to get making the rounds, away from the major cities, and look into. You'll be astonished by what there is to see and experience. Gujarat truly is perhaps the most unique destinatio

n in India! If you are in love with birding and wildlife, archeology, or textiles, you will love Gujarat. Book your Gujarat Tour Packages that truly fascinates!


Reasons To Visit Gujarat

The state has a long and rich history, with settlements dating back to the Stone Age. However, it is maybe popular for the remains of the Bronze Age Indus Valley Civilization. Here are some of the reasons to visit Gujarat this year:

* Site of the Indus Valley Civilization
* Iconic Sun Temple at Modhera
* The unique wildlife
* Colorful festivals
* Magnificent Stepwells
* The Rann of Kutch
* Historic Palaces and Tombs
* Important Pilgrimage Sites
* The Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park
* Mouth-Watering Food
* The Sabarmati Ashram
* Best Places To Visit Gujarat



Home to a plenty of remarkable temples like Swaminarayan Temple, interesting museums and classy markets, with a smidgen of colonial history connected to it, Ahmadabad is a fantastic illustration of how a city can hold all of its old-world charm while still quickly advancing on the way of globalization. Choose Gujarat Holiday Package for a serene & peaceful vacation!



Vododara, alluded to as the cultural capital of the state, it is one of the most visited tourist places in Gujarat. After the Mughals were removed by Marathas the Gaekwads, the local commanders of Marathas laid out Vadodara as their capital.



Kutch is among the largest district of India with a horrendously low population density. Additionally, Kutch lies on the India Pakistan border and you can see portions of Pakistan from Kutch. Kutch is likewise renowned for crafts and weaving works, Flamingo Sanctuary and Wild Ass Sanctuary.


Wild Ass Sanctuary in Kutch

Situated in the Little Run of Kutch, the Wild Ass Sanctuary in Kutch is the main home to wild ass in India. The sanctuary was set up in 1973 with a reason to safeguard the jeopardized Indian wild ass.


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Gir Forest

Gir gives you the novel experience of visiting a spot which uniquely plays an essential and characterizing role in the conservation and supporting of a certain species. The preservation of these lions was started by the Nawab of Junagadh when these were going to enter the period of termination due to hunting.



Basically a temple town, Somnath is where a strong scent of religion and legends waits around tourism and even day to day existence. Its profound climate is ornamented by the gigantic number of temples nearby; nonetheless, Somnath offers beaches, museums and different attractions.


Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity is a remembrance to The Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The statue has been raised to engender Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's vision of India and to motivate the Citizens of India through his patriotism and freedom struggle. Check out the Gujarat Package from Delhi!



Situated on the western tip of the Saurashtra peninsula in Gujarat, Dwarka is accepted to be the capital city of Lord Krishna's kingdom. Known as Devbhoomi Dwarka, Dwarka brags of being the only city that is a part of both Char Dham (four head holy places) and furthermore Sapta Puris (seven sacred cities) referenced in the Hindu religion.



Situated at a distance of four kilometers from the Maharashtra border and 200 and fifty kilometers from Mumbai in Dang district, Saputara in a real sense implies territory of snakes and the tribal’s of this locale worship snakes, particularly during Holi. It is a wonderful hilly region improved with huge plant life offering superb panorama, tribal culture of an alternate sort and incredible journeying open doors.



Junagad is located near the Girnar Hills and the widely acclaimed Gir National Park. Get a brief look at the wild in the Sakkabaug Zoo and the Wildlife Museum. Similarly visit the Girnar Hills and get a vibe of the tranquil yet religious atmosphere. The fort at Uperkot is another vacationer magnet. Popular Gujarat Holiday Package from Mumbai is blissful and exciting!



Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat, is situated around 23 km from Ahmadabad on the western bank of Sabarmati River. Gandhinagar, one of India's couple of arranged urban areas incorporates Akshardham Temple, one of the country's most beautiful temples.



Porbandar, most popular as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, is a lovely beach town with some temples and dams and is currently likewise a famous exchanging center point. The ancient port city with an interesting history is a tourist destination which humbly offers various attractions.



Bhuj is known as a desert city, with a history dating back to kingdoms and empires, palaces from the standard of the Naga chiefs, the Jadeja Rajputs, the Gujarat Sultans and the British Raj. With various temples, little roads, and traditional handicrafts, Bhuj is one of the one of a kind historical sites in India. It is a region in the Kutch district of Gujarat. The city was left in a state of demolition after the 2001 earthquake and is still in the recuperation stage. Select Gujarat Tour Package from Chennai to get an amazing experience of this extraordinary land!



Surat, having its name related with Saurashtra (the good land), is a port city in Gujarat. The second most populated city in the state, Surat is a worldwide diamond cutting focus and a business center of textiles. Known as 'the city of flyovers', it draws in travelers who are keen on the colonial history of the district and the exotic wildlife.


Sardar Sarovar Dam

Situated close to Navagam in Gujarat, Sardar Sarovar Dam is an enormous gravity dam built on the River Narmada which was built to conserve water and help the climate and individuals around. The foundation of the venture was set somewhere around 1961 and the construction work for the dam begun in 1979.


Things To Do In Gujarat

* Water Skiing at Mandvi Beach
* Ropeway Cable Car ride in Saputara
* Take a Camel Safari in the Little Rann of Gujarat
* Surfing at Chorwad Beach as well as Dumas Beach
* Water scooter ride at Mandvi Beach
* Snorkeling at Mandvi Beach, Nagoa Beach, Goghala Beach and others
* Underwater diving at Mandvi Beach and others
* Paragliding at Mandvi Beach
* Rock climbing at Pawagadh, Junagadh, as well as Taranga
* Trekking as well as camping in the beautiful grasslands of Gujarat
* Jeep Safari ride in the national parks
* Visit the most diverse states of India and book from our Gujarat tours!


Best places to enjoy shopping in Gujarat

If you are heading to the vibrant city, then here are some popular markets that will make you shop till you get tired.

* Dhalgarwad
* Sindhi market
* Manek Chowk
* Lal Darwaja Market
* Raipur Gate
* Law Garden
* Ramakada Market
* Rander Road, Surat
* CG Road/Chimanlal Girdharlal Road
* Fernandes Bridge 
* Delectable Gujarati Dishes To Try


Take a look at them and see what all dishes are still left to try!

* Handvo, sweet & savory cake

* Gathiya, besan snack

* Khandvi, soft layers

* Dhokla, spongy squares

* Thepla, like thin parathas

* Undhiyu, mix vegetable

* Fafda Jalebi, a blend of sweet & salty

* Gujarati Khichdi, simple yet amazing

* Dabeli, most-eaten snack

* Khaman, fluffier than dhokla

* Farsan, salty dry snack

* Locho, savory side dish

* Dal Dhokli, wheat flour noodles

* Rotlo, traditional Gujarati food

* Khakhra, crispy flatbread

* Mohanthal, sweet dish

* Basundi, similar to rabri

* Sev Tamatar Nu Shaak, a tangy dish

* Gujarati Kadhi, a combo of sweet & sour

* Ghughra, fried sweet food


Best Time to Visit Gujarat

Gujarat has a tropical climate with hot summers and cold winters. The summer months are from April to June with temperatures ranging from 27 degree Celsius to 42 degree Celsius. Winters are better with a temperature difference of 14 degree Celsius to 29 degree Celsius. Monsoon starts in June and continues till September. A glimpse of the best with Gujarat Package from Bangalore!


How To Reach Gujarat?


By Air

Gujarat has 10 domestic airports separated from an international airport at Ahmadabad. Most of the domestic airlines operate out of Ahmadabad connecting to rest of the country.

By Rail

Gujarat has a good railway network that not only connects the state internally but connects the state to other places in India also.

By Road

Gujarat has a better road network than most of the other Indian states and they are in a fairly good condition. The total road length in the state is 68,900 km out of which 1,572 km is the share of National Highway, making the state easily accessible.

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