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Free Things To Do In Delhi For Family, Friends & Couples

Free Things To Do In Delhi For Family, Friends & Couples: Enjoy Without Spending A Penny

Delhi, the capital of India, offers a wide range of free and culturally rich activities for visitors and locals alike. In fact, many free activities for families, friends, and couples to enjoy together.

Travelling is all about having fun, and when you can enjoy without spending a penny, it’s cherry on top. In Delhi, we have endless options for you; visit the follow places without spending anything.

List Of Free Things To Do In Delhi For Each Group:

For Families:

1. Visit Parks and Gardens:

a) Lodhi Gardens: One of the Beautiful Places In India, a spacious and serene park with historical tombs, perfect for picnics and leisurely walks.

b) Deer Park: Kids can enjoy spotting deer, rabbits, and peacocks while adults relax in this green oasis.

2. Explore Historical Sites:

a) Qutub Minar Complex: An Instagram Selfie Destinations In India, explore the ancient Qutub Minar and its surrounding historic structures.

b) Old Fort (Purana Qila): Wander through the massive Old Fort complex and admire its architecture.

3. National Handicrafts Museum: While the museum itself may have an entry fee, the Crafts Museum's outdoor area is free to explore. Kids can see traditional crafts and artisans at work.

4. India Gate: A family-friendly place to stroll, have a picnic, and pay respects to the soldiers at the war memorial.

5. Children's Park, India Gate: Adjacent to India Gate, this park has play areas, fountains, and a good spot for family photographs.

6. Street Food at Chandni Chowk: Family Vacation Destination In India, taste Delhi's street food at Chandni Chowk. Kids will love the variety of snacks and sweets available.

7. Dilli Haat: While you can shop and dine here, there's no entry fee to enter Dilli Haat. Kids can enjoy the cultural diversity and occasional live performances.

8. Cultural Experiences:

a) Dance and Music Performances: Keep an eye out for cultural events and performances happening at various venues, like Dilli Haat and India Habitat Centre, which are often free to attend.

b) National Museum and Art Galleries: Some cultural institutions in Delhi offer free entry on specific days or for certain exhibitions, so check their schedules.

For Friends:

9. Street Art and Graffiti: Explore the vibrant street art in areas like Shahpur Jat and Lodhi Colony. It's a unique and artistic experience.

10. Hauz Khas Village: A Movie Inspired Tourist Destinations, a stroll through Hauz Khas Village, known for its quirky cafes, boutiques, and art galleries. Window shopping and people-watching are free.

11. Mehrauli Archaeological Park: Discover the history of Delhi together by exploring the ruins and ancient structures at Mehrauli Archaeological Park. It's a serene spot for couples interested in heritage.

12. Central Park, Connaught Place: Hang out at Central Park in the heart of Connaught Place, a popular spot for friends to meet and relax.

13. Raj Ghat: Pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi at Raj Ghat. It's a quiet and reflective place to visit with friends.

14. Delhi's University Campuses: Explore the campuses of Delhi University (like North Campus) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). They often have green spaces, interesting architecture, and vibrant student life.

15. Street Food Tours: Plan your own street food tour or join a food walk. Delhi is famous for its street food, and you can try various snacks without breaking the bank.

For Couples:

16. Romantic Strolls:

a) Lodhi Gardens: A peaceful setting for a romantic walk amidst ancient ruins and beautiful gardens.

b) India Gate: An evening walk around India Gate, beautifully lit, can be quite romantic.

c) Lotus Temple: Visit the serene Lotus Temple in the evening, where you can sit in silence and enjoy the ambiance.

d) Hauz Khas Lake: The lake at Hauz Khas Village is a quiet spot where couples can enjoy each other's company.

e) Jahanpanah Forest: Explore the forested area of Jahanpanah, a lesser-known but tranquil spot for couples seeking a peaceful escape.

f) Garden of Five Senses: A romantic garden with sculptures and lush greenery, perfect for a leisurely walk or a picnic.

g) Street Photography: Delhi offers endless opportunities for street photography, capturing the essence of the city together.

h) Japanese Park (Buddha Jayanti Park): Find tranquility in the Japanese Park, which offers lovely landscapes, ponds, and walking trails. It's an ideal spot for a peaceful outing.

i) Connaught Place: Hang out in the heart of the city at Connaught Place. Walk around the central park, window-shop in the market, and enjoy street performances.

j) Dilli Haat: Stroll through Dilli Haat, where you can explore diverse handicrafts, try different cuisines, and enjoy live music or cultural performances.

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